August 11, 2009

Webber Lake Ranch

This past weekend, Nick and I headed up to Webber Lake Ranch near Truckee, CA to do a little camping with the family. For all of you northern California outdoorsmen, Webber is nestled between Perazzo Meadows and the Jackson Meadow Reservoir. It is a private campsite with a lake stocked full of Trout and a wait list to boot. And, while it may seem like a fully stocked lake makes for good fishing, someone is always bound to leave as a mister-no-catch-fisherman.

I am, admittedly, not big on camping, but Webber is a nice place to relax. Sitting out in the middle of a lake with a good book is A-OK with this nerd.

Nick apparently feels the same way (about the relaxing part, not the reading part...)

and Mojo does too.

But the real reason I am here is to share the delicious goodness that is S'moreese's. A S’moreese’s isn’t your average campfire dessert creation. A S’moreese’s is the delightful meeting of a S’more and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Although this wasn’t my invention, I had to share this with the one reader of this blog (my mom). Mom, I won’t bother you with the play-by-play on how to make S'moreese's. I will bother you though with a photo to make your mouth water. Next time you go camping try these bad boys out.


  1. Mmmmmm, thanks for changing the face of S'mores forever! Now you have 2 readers of this blog.

  2. Ha ha. Thanks! I am still honing my S'morereese's making skills. Since this post I've found that it is even better if you can melt the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup a little. Live and learn :)

  3. I practically grew up in Webber Lake. I mean, every summer from birth until I was about 12 ears old, my sister and I would join my grandparents who were kind enough to let us tag along and stay there for weeks on end. It made summer vacations extra special... such a wonderful memory. Glad to have found your blog!

  4. That is so cool! I can see how you would have such great memories. There are so many fun things to do and Webber always has great events planned throughout the summer. It really seems like a place that stays in the family for generations. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes. Webber offered much entertainment to us as kids (the grown up kids as well). I remember my grandparents and their friends sitting around the campfire in the evenings talking about the good old days while drinking a warm liquor. My grandmother even gave me some Baileys out of a Dixie cup and I thought the taste was as good as Christmas.

    Another fond memory was going around in a red wagon to the different campsites and visiting other campers. My friends and I took turns pulling one
    another or we would give my grandmother's yellow lab (a puppy at the time) a ride. Once we collected kindling and went around to try and sale it to raise
    money to go and buy candy from the office/store. Another tid bit, the old hotel
    structure that's still standing, once served as a "library" patrons could use to
    borrow and exchange books. I miss those days! I wish my daughter could grow up with such an opportunity.

  6. I think the hotel, to a certain extent, still acts as a library of sorts. If I remember correctly, my mother-in-law trades in books there and takes out new ones. It's a great idea for camping. I know I like to read when I go up there.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and that is so nice to hear. I will have to pass your story on to my husband's family. They will love to hear it!

  7. I also practically grew up at Webber. I wonder if anonymous guy up there and I rode around in the same wagon!?! It's a beautiful beautiful ranch that, as a child, I knew like the back of my hand. I grew up to become a biologist and major in English -- I can't help but think that is from the years I spend gallivanting around in nature and sitting under that HUGE stuffed grizzly they had in the old hotel library. Thank you for the post and the pictures!!!

  8. That's great! It sounds like everyone has such good memories of Webber Lake. And you never know, maybe you're time spent there really did influence your career path! How funny!

  9. Does anyone remember Vernon and Vesta (Betty) Johnson who ran the Webber Lake Inn? Could you contact me about that at . I would really love to hear about the area and anything about the Inn (is it the hotel that you are refering to in the above posts?

    Maureen from Michigan (Betty's great-niece)

  10. Hi Maureen, Yes, we were referring to the hotel in the above posts. I am not familiar with the individuals you're referring to, BUT my in-laws rent out a campsite at Webber Lake every year. So it's very possible that they might have more details and if they don't I am sure they'll know someone who does. I'll ask my mother-in-law and will email you. Thanks so much for writing!

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